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IEIGKAMPORAN, Aklanon word for cousins, clan, tribe.
A group of Kalayaan Centre members attended the 2016 Ati-atihan festival in Kalibo last January 16-17. We danced on the streets with the locals to the mesmerizing boom boom boom boboom of the drums and tinkling of xylophones, wearing masks and headgears. It was two days of music, dance and revelry.

We stayed as guests of the Romero clan at Villa Romero in New Buswang. Many members of the Romero clan came from far and wide to attend the festival. Lunches and dinners were hosted by uncles and aunts at different locations. On the last day we joined the Santo Niño procession with the “caro” of the Romero clan wearing uniformed black t-shirts emblazoned with the words IEIGKAMPORAN. The Romero clan was vibrant, progressive, united, working together, helping each other. Like the Romero clan, KCCC has the spirit of IEIGKAMPORAN!