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Goodbye Mama Ching!

Mama Ching, the grand lady of Kalayaan Cultural Community Centre died peacefully on Tuesday morning, July 21, 2015. She was 91. She leaves behind a vibrant community center serving the Filipino community west of the GTA. Mama Ching was one of the founders of Kalayaan Centre and was the moving force that sustained the organization in the difficult early years and brought it to financial stability. Marisa Roque of Inquirer.net described her as,

“Mama Ching has been a pillar of the Filipino Canadian community for at least 30 years. She is an innovator, a crack at fundraising, smart as a whip, and she is famous for never taking no for an answer when she wants a yes from you. Nobody can resist the persuasive charm of Mama Ching . . . ”

Mama Ching received many awards for her volunteer work in the community and always she shares the honor with the Filipino community with the statement,

“The award is an honor not only for myself but for my fellow Filipinos as well. It is an inspiration for me to go on doing the thing I most love to do – serve my community.”

Mama Ching is the pride, joy and inspiration of the Filipino community. She is greatly missed.