To serve the interest of the Filipino-Canadian community as a contributing member of the broader Canadian, Filipino, and global societies, thru affirming, strengthening, and empowering processes, services, and activities.


We envision an organization with an inclusive membership, united in fellowship, founded on the principles of justice, sensitivity, accountability, transparency, and responsibility.

We envision a network of individuals and families deeply grounded in a firm determination to participate meaningfully in society, to grow as members and leaders and to promote the cultural values that make Filipino-Canadians unique in the world.

We envision a community of Filipino-Canadians whose rich cultural heritage, proud history, common aspirations, diverse stories, and distinct gifts serve as the framework for local action involvement and international outreach.

To enhance our capability to contribute meaningfully to the continuing development of Canada and the Philippines, we passionately subscribe to the principles of:

  1. Fullfilling teamwork among offices, members, staff, and volunteers, to the value of self-advocacy;
  2. To the requirements of functional cooperation with the various levels of goverment and other groups in areas relevant to our mission and vision; and
  3. To the rudiments of popular participation on the part of our internal and external stockholders;

To achieve our mission as a community of Filipino-Canadians determined to make an impact now and in the years to come, we commit ourselves to the establishment and maintenance of the KALAYAAN CULTURAL COMMUNITY CENTRE, that will serve as a focal point for the celebration of our culture and history as well as the enjoyment of a wide spectrum of programs and services.


  • KFCO (Kalayaan Filipino Cultural Organization) was established with the purpose of celebrating Philippine Independence Day


  • KFCO added a C&BL provision to create a Filipino Community Centre, KCCC was incorporated shortly after


  • Centennial celebration of Philippine Independence Day at SkyDome co-chaired by Resty del Rosario and Willy Cantos raised $120,000 seed money for the KCCC Facilities


  • KCCC Constitution and ByLaws ratified First members of the board of directors elected Willie Cantos elected president


  • Acquired Charitable status, Started operations at 5546 Timberlea Boulevard, rent-free, courtesy of Cascade Canada Ltd., thru its Controller, Carlos Padilla


  • Carlos Padilla elected president


  • Consolacion "Ching" Quejas elected president.  She was re-elected in 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012


  • Difficult times, Mama Ching and the KCCC Board members scratched and scraped to pay the mortgage, maintenance fees, utilities, taxes, and more.  Revenue from office and hall rental, membership fees and charity bingo were not enough.  Board members and supportes loaned the Centre money and some donated funds generously


  • Transfer of mortgage to TD Canada trust arranged by Edgar Frondozo at 3.75% interest.  Dr. Romulo Sinajon, Luis Carbonell, and Edgar Frondozo signed as loan guarantors.  $34,000/a year in interest payments saved Electronic Fund Transfer Donation Program started.  Average montly donation receibed $1000


  • Resty del Rosario elected president, re-elected in 2016 and 2018


  • Consolacion "Mama Ching" Quejas passed away at 93 years old